Wholesale of invisible zippers KCC and YKK in Europe from a warehouse in Germany.

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KCC and YKK zippers


Wholesale of KCC and YKK zippers in Europe from a warehouse in Germany

Where to buy a concealed zipper for sewing production? Buying a concealed zipper means purchasing the best-selling type of zippers. Approx.33% of the global sales of zippers are concealed zippers. Our company SinLira offers wholesale and small wholesale deliveries of zippers in different colors and sizes. We sell concealed zippers all over Europe. You can buy a concealed zipper on our website sinlira.de in the “Shop” section or contact us by phone to discuss the details of your purchase. We sell concealed zippers throughout Europe from our warehouse in Germany. Our company SinLira is a European company selling wholesale zippers in compliance with EU regulations.

Buy KCC concealed zipper with quality assurance.

To buy a KCC zipper – means to buy a product from one of the 20 best manufacturers of the world, guaranteeing the quality of the product. Our company SinLira sells small wholesale concealed zippers KCC in different sizes and colors. We offer KCC concealed zippers for garments, our customers can be private sewing factories,ateliers, sewing workshops, haberdashery shops.

Buy YKK zipper from the industry leader.

To buy a zipper YKK from a global corporation means using in its production the product of one of the three leaders of world production. We supply small wholesale zippers YKK for sewing production. SinLira sells YKK zippers for private sewing workshops and ateliers. Wholesale zippers offered by our company are of above average to high quality status.

Advantages of buying wholesale concealed zippers KCC and YKK in SinLira.

Concealed zippers KCC and YKK, sold wholesale from SinLira’s stock, help in the production process not only to avoid any waiting time for their production at the factory, but it is also cheaper to buy them than to transport them, e.g. by air delivery. Concealed zippers from our company allow you to get a wide selection and availability at the same time, closing the issue of quick sale of finished products through retail chains and stores, as well as sewing experimental samples. Our warehouse is located in Leipzig, Germany, and we can pick up and ship KCC and YKK zippers to most countries in Europe. We work only with companies and private entrepreneurs.

Successful decision to purchase KCC and YKK concealed zipper for the atelier.

Buying concealed zippers for the needs of your atelier in our online store is a complete color matching solution. In addition, the atelier has the possibility of this selection in minimum quantities, for example, one piece in any size and color (the sum of the minimum order of 50 euros), providing a wide choice of colors for its customers.

Zippers from the manufacturers of KCC and YKK.

KCC zippers for trousers make up a not insignificant part of our sales based on a large selection of colors in sizes 20 and 25 cm. YKK zippers for trousers are available in over 300 colors in stock.

A classic of world production – concealed zipper YKK.

YKK concealed zipper is the undisputed leader in global zipper production. The company has been around for over a hundred years and guarantees the quality of its products.

The flexible selection and specialization of SinLira’s online zipper store.

SinLira, the online zipper store, offers a complete solution for supplying ateliers, sewing accessories stores, small and medium-sized manufacturers of readyto-wear garments with zippers from stock.

Size and color assortment of KCC dress zippers.

Zipper for KCC dresses are available in our warehouse in sizes 25,40,50 and 60 cm, in more than 100 colors in each size.

Size and color assortment of zippers for YKK dress.

Zippers for YKK dresses are available in our warehouse in sizes 20,25,35,40 and 60 cm, in each ranging from 100 to 300 colors. You can also apply for the purchase of KCC and YKK concealed zippers from the form below.